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    Friday, April 7, 2017   /   by Erin McCulley

    The Renovations That WILL Pay Off The Most for your Home in 2017

    The Renovations That Will Pay Off the Most for Your Home in 2017

    By Judy Dutton | 

    Whether you’re dying to update your kitchen, add a half-bath, or kick back on a brand-new deck, it pays off big-time knowing just what kind of return on investment your dream renovation might deliver. Now that Spring is officially here, take a look at Remodeling magazine's annual Cost vs. Value report, which analyzes what you’ll pay for various upgrades—and how much you’ll recoup on that investment when you sell your home.
    For this much-read report (which, by the way, is celebrating its 30th anniversary), researchers scrutinized 29 popular home improvements in 99 markets nationwide, polling contractors on how much they charge for these jobs as well as real estate agents on how much they think these features boost a home’s market price. From there, they divided each project’s upfront cost ...

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    Monday, February 6, 2017   /   by Erin McCulley

    Keeping Your Home Safe

    Home Security Tips from a Security Professional
    Are you leaving your home for a weekend? A workday? For a workout?  Follow the advice below, regardless of the time you will be away from your home.

    Lock all outside doors and windows before you go to bed or leave your home (even if you're only going to be gone a short while). Home security companies often do have remote control locks in case you forget to lock your door when you leave.
     Change your locks if you lose your keys, move into a new home or have a new living situation. You don't know whom previous owners or roommates gave copies of keys to, so it's best to be safe.
    Ensure your locks are secure. Perform regular maintenance to keep them up-to-par and functioning properly. We recommend deadbolt locks on all outside doors, and special locks on sliding glass doors, as they are especially vulnerable. 
    Re-enforce your door frame. Perform Instead of a thin, flimsy strike plate, install a deeper box m ...

    Friday, January 6, 2017   /   by Erin McCulley

    Helpful Tips on how to Winter Weather Proof your home

    Properties are vulnerable to attack both from the outside elements and the moist, warm conditions that build-up inside during the winter months, so now is an ideal opportunity to prepare. Check out the checklist below, as well as a video of a recent WXII segment explaining what you can do to prepare your home for winter weather.  

    Inspect the roof and replace any cracked tiles
    If chimney pots are in place but not in-use consider protecting them, by fitting ventilated cowls
    Check the insulation is in good condition (up to current standard)
    Avoid over insulating. It is important that the tanks and pipes in the loft do not freeze, so do not insulate below the tank
    Make sure the lid is on the cold-water tank
    Gutters and drains
    Clear them of leaves and debris.  Take particular care that the gulleys are clear
    Overflowing gutters can drench walls and cause damage
    Insulate external drain pipes (eg those for central heating) with waterproof tape or) ...

    Tuesday, December 6, 2016   /   by Erin McCulley

    There sure are a lot of us!

    In 2016, The Ginther Group has grown in many ways:

    Addition of Showing Agents to help our clients see more homes and at the times they want.
    Internal Sales Associates help us to locate clients and get them on the path to home ownership or connecting them to Listing Agents who can communicate the value of their home.
    An additional Listing Agent and Buyer Agent was found from within our team, as their talent was undeniable.
    Leadership Positions on both the Administrative and Sales sector of our team have helped us become a more streamlined, cohesive unit.
    Marketing and Social Media presence has come a long way, if we do say so ourselves. We know we can do more and we are currently searching for that talented person to increase the impact of our message and the care our agents have to offer the Triad area.
    Yes, as we enter the Holiday Season, there is obviously so much to be thankful for.  As we enter 2017, it is clear that we could not do what we all love to do wit ...